Choosing an appropriate LPG conversion system is one of the most important decisions linked with the conversion process. Nowadays producers offer a wide range of professional lpg systems, suited for different models of the cars : not only for traditional passenger cars, but also sports cars and lorries.

Autogaspol LTD offers proffesional autogas systems from renowned producers: Zenit, KME and STAG.

The KME LPG conversion system, NEVO, available from £589, is an innovative sequential gas injection system. It has a NEVO electronic control unit and SILVER and GOLD reducers.

The NEVO line of professional LPG systems includes 3 types of controllers, suited for 4, 6 and 8 cylinders engines NEVO, NEVO Plus and NEVO Pro).
Another professional autogas system, offered by Autogaspol LTD, is STAG. The STAG System is dedicated for cars with petrol engines. What stands out here, is an additional controller software, which allows the manual adjustment of operating parameters and to release the gas pressure during the cut-off. Thanks to that, the STAG-300 ISA2 controllers meets Euro 5 exhaust emission standards.

The most advanced proffesional LPG conversion system, available in our offer is A.G.C. Zenit Pro.

The system includes, inter alia, hermetically sealed cover, japanese, double memory procesor and high resistance to changes in car electrical system voltage. What is more, it also meets the Euro 5 standards.

All LPG conversion systems offered by our company come from trusted suppliers – we assure You that when it comes to the quality and price, our products meet the highest standards.

If You want to know more about proffesional autogas systems, please contact us – we will answer all the questions.