Our company was founded in 2009 in West Bromwich, nearby Birmingham, UK. It has established itself in the local area as a reliable and well known business, with high-quality equipment and fully trained technicians. Autogaspol offers a wide range of diagnostics, maintenance, repair services and the cheapest LPG conversion on the UK market (including diesel LPG conversion). We provide our services for all types of vehicles – passenger cars, sports cars, SUVs and lorries.

The number of customers, who have trusted us with their cars, is constantly growing. We know that the decision about LPG conversion is not an easy to make. People usually spend a lot of time searching for a perfect workshop or choosing an appropriate LPG conversion kit. If you are reading this words right now, it means you have found the right place. You may ask what differs Autogaspol from other companies specialised in LPG conversion. The answer is passion. Motor industry had a huge impact on our lives. This is the reason why we have decided to become professionals in this area and establish our own workshop. We specialise particularly in the LPG car conversions and service.

Why not pay less for fuel, extend the life of your engine and protect the natural environment at the same time?

Choosing between different gas conversion kits might seem complicated at the beginning – you want your car to have the same engine power, sound an look. Reasonable price is also an important factor while making the decision. We are here to help you. In our workshop high-quality customer service is guaranteed, as well as reliable LPG conversions equipment, provided by our certified and experienced partners. Whether it is a BRC LPG conversion kit, Stag, King or KME, we will make sure that the specified LPG conversion kit is perfectly suited for your car.

On our website you will find all the general information about our business – services and LPG conversion kits that we offer, obtained certificates, opening hours and many more. If you have any questions regarding car LPG conversions use the contact form on our website or call us during office hours.

We are fully aware that understanding customer expectations is the key to success.

Autogaspol is the perfect choice for you and your car.