Autogaspol LTD is one of the leading workshops specialised in LPG conversion in Scotland.

We offer a fully-professional service of trained technicians and a high-quality equipment.

In our offer, You will find a wide range of services: diagnostics, repairs and, of course, an LPG conversion (both for petrol and diesel engines). We provide a sevice for different types of vehicles: not only passenger cars and SUVs, but also for sports cars and lorries.

We offer solutions for 3-4, 5-6, and 8-cylinders and direct iniector engines.

What is more, we offer the most competitive prices in entire Scotland.

Why LPG conversion is a solution worth considering?

It is said thatit is one of the most frequently recommended ways of saving money spent on operating a car. It is estimated, that one litre of LPG is two times cheaper than the petrol. Of course, we have to make one bigger expense to pay for conversion proces, but this sum quickly returns in lower petrol spendings. Another thing, worth taking into consideration, especially If You care about the Scotland’s environment, is lower CO2 emission. Burning one litre of petrol produces about 2,3 kilograms of CO2, while burning the equvalent amount of gas produces only 2 kilograms.

It is also important to mention that the installation of LPG system doesn’t have any negative impact on performance of the car. What is more, all LPG conversion system elements have to pass strict safety tests, so there is no worry that using gas as a fuel will increase the risk of causing a fire or explosion.

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