What is a lubrication kit for valve saver

Lubrication is a lubricator that protects the valve seat from being fired and lowers the combustion temperature in the engine. It is used in autogas powered engines, though not all is necessary. And because of its properties, it can be used in all engines, not just those equipped with lpg.

Valve saver has the task of:

Protect valves and valve seats before firing,

Clean intake valves, injectors and fuel system,

Lower the temperature in the combustion chamber,

Lubricate and protect the top of the cylinder,

Reduce fuel consumption (up to 5%) and the level of harmful substances

The entire dispensing device can be fitted at the time of installation of the gas system and also at a later time. Installation takes up to 30 minutes. The oil can be purchased on our site as well as ready-made assembly kits.


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