What should we pay attention to when buying a car with an LPG system already installed?

Purchasing a car with an LPG system is not much different from purchasing any other vehicle. If it is a new car, with an originally installed system, we can be sure that any possible defects will be repaired under the warranty or post-warranty service. It goes without saying that we should give it some thought and search for information about a given car model on our own before making the final decision. There is a slightly different situation as far as purchasing a used car is concerned, where any repairs of defects may drain your pockets. Unfortunately, in this case the buyer has limited room for maneuver. Certainly, they can go on a test drive, even taking a specialist with them, however, it is not possible to find or predict every defect. Therefore, all necessary documents should always be checked. The most important ones include a vehicle registration certificate, a vehicle history card, certificate of conformity and an LPG tank certificate. The content of all of the above-mentioned documents is related to installation of an LPG system and besides that, the LPG tank certificate provides information regarding its legalization. It is worth to remember that documents should be handed in to the buyer immediately after they receive the keys to a purchased car. If a seller begins to swindle and put the blame on his weak memory or a mess in his documents, you had better not make any transactions with him. It is also important to pay attention to all individual elements of the LPG system, in particular, its control panel, since it may turn out, after the purchase, that there is no garage in the neighborhood which could service the car with such components. After buying a car, you should visit a vehicle service station to check it for any possible defects, which are invisible at first sight.


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