Must I register the gas installation installed in the car?

An installed LPG installation should be reported to an applicable office within 30 days from the date of its installment – otherwise, during possible road traffic control, this installation will be recognized as illegal. Registration is performed in the Communication Department, on the basis of documents received during the assembly of the LPG installation. The documents you don’t need to present include the instruction manual, the warranty and – as an option – pertinent certificates for particular elements of the installation. An excerpt from the type approval certificate, containing data regarding the construction and assembly of the installation, the invoice for the service performed and a certificate for the LPG tank are much more important, however, the certificate is issued by the Transport Technical Inspection Authority. Reporting a new gas installation, the user should present the registration document of the vehicle, their personal ID or passport, and the vehicle card. We should also remember to notify the insurer of modifications introduced in the vehicle, as this affects the value of the vehicle. Apart from this, the LPG installation should also receive insurance coverage.


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