What do I do when the gas tank legalization certificate expires?

The best solution for an expired gas tank is to replace it with a new one, particularly because some gas tank models cannot be legalized again. You should remember that the period of legalization is 10 years. Theoretically, it is not a period, in which certified products supplied by renowned manufacturers can display any defects, especially since LPG tanks are particularly durable structures. In practice, however, gas tanks are exposed to intensive wear, particularly caused by LPS mixes of unknown origin. Some of the substances added by fraudulent traders to poor-quality mixes can cause corrosion, also taking place in the multivalve. For this very reason, its re-installment in a new tank isn’t always possible. If one wishes to leave the old tank, then a technical inspection must be carried out. Applicable tests must be performed in a garage certified by the Transport Technical Supervision Authority, whereas the tank’s legalization will be prolonged for 10 years in this case. In the majority of cases, this will be the only prolongation, since the law states that a gas tank should be scrapped and replaced with a new one after 20 years from the date of manufacture.


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