Do I have to change the engine oil onto another before installing LPG?

The question of changing the type of oil in the car after installing LPG is an open case. Most of all, the oils dedicated to LPG installations available on the market are no different to high quality synthetic oils applied in cars driving on liquid fuel as well. A label marking stating that a given oil is an optimal solution for LPG is generally a marketing trick. Of course, such oil will perfectly cooperate with the gas-propelled engine, however, it will cooperate with traditional drives equally well. Nevertheless, the opinion claiming gas-propelled engines require dedicated oil has strong theoretic grounds. We should however consider the context as well. The fact is gas combustion temperature in the cylinders is much higher to gasoline, and the very process lasts longer. Incorrect type, incorrect dosing and poor quality of the gas mix, poor quality of oil, defective LPG installation – all of these factors have actual impact on higher engine wear, and particularly on faster corrosion of lubricated parts or on the occurrence of detrimental sediments. Apart from that, higher combustion temperature in the cylinders results in faster oxidation of oil, particularly the low-quality one. Its older types are not adapted to working in such conditions. However, the majority of modern synthetic and semi-synthetic oils behave perfectly in the presence of LPG. In other words, the engine oil must be changed in the case of installing LPG only when the past oil is one of the cheapest mineral oils. In all other cases oil change is not necessary.


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