Can I install LPG in a new car, which is still covered with warranty?

From the technical point of view, there are no contraindications for installing LPG in a new car purchased in a salon. Unfortunately, in practice, it is completely different, with the client being in the disadvantageous position. Some manufacturers practically prevent independent installment of LPG installations in their vehicles. They do it in two ways. Firstly, they ensure the warranty is automatically lost if such installment is performed within the warranty period. Until recently, this was particularly common practice, however, we have witnessed a departure from this trend lately. More and more manufacturers are turn a blind eye to this practice. Currently, when purchasing a new car, we can negotiate the possibility of installing LPG in the car with the dealer. What is more, such a vehicle will retain its warranty and servicing coverage. The condition which must be observed by the client is the obligation to perform vehicle servicing in the salon, in which the vehicle purchase was made or with a mechanic specified by the dealer. The second method of preventing independent installment of LPG installation is its factory installment, which results from the growing popularity of LPG systems, followed by growth in their value. Unfortunately, such installations are often more expensive to analogous ones, installed in a garage.


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