How does my vehicle benefit from using LPG as a fuel?

Are you interested in what benefits you get from using LPG as a fuel? Do you want to know if LPG system is best system for you and your car? The answer is if you want to reduce your fuel costs and increase your environmental consciousness, converting your vehicle to run on LPG is the best choice for you and your car. Another reason why LPG system is better that traditional fuel is the cost of conversion. It costs around £2000 which might be quite expensive, but this cost repays in about two years. Because of that you can cut your annual fuel bill by over 40%.

LPG system is also the best choice for people who want to protect environment. Exhaust emissions of this environmentally friendly technology contain less harmful substances than traditional fuel. This substances are free of tetraethyllead or any additives and the burning process is much more cleaner and non-toxic. This is the merit of no carbon deposits and acids. LPG system is also the best way if you want to prevent corrosion of the engine components. The process of producing corrosive acids and carbon precipitates is totally alternated in LPG-powered vehicles.


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