What guarantee is given with the LPG system?

Guarantee which is given you with the LPG system is extraordinary and differential. This multi-purpose energy is gaining thousands of users every year. LPG system is clean, lower carbon, effective innovative source of energy and a clean-burning, sustainable and efficient fuel which gives profits to environment, purchasers and industry. LP Gas shows lower greenhouse gas emissions than petrol, diesel, and electricity, on an energy-equivalent basis. From economic reasons LPG system is great investment which doesn’t harm your engine. Thanks to using concrete instalation, competent instalment and appropriate programming your engine’s vitality is lengthening. LPG fuel is also much more economical than traditional ones and you can enjoy your growing savings.

Another kind of guarantee which you get with LPG system is our LPG service. It comes with 3 years job and parts warranty. If you are currently experiencing some problems, we are able to make all the necessary repairs and improvements. Your engine will work better and last much longer.


Bob Wilson said:

February 16, 2018 at 1:51 pm

Hi,I have a 1990 Ford Scorpio 2.9 v6, with only 53000 miles, can you do a gas conversion on this vehicle and if you can please advise me of cost and warranty etc.

admin said:

February 25, 2018 at 6:10 am

Price for conversion for this car is 950 pound with lifetime warranty for parts
and labour.
Best Regards

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