Which cars can be converted to LPG?

It is believed that any petrol or diesel engine could be easily converted to LPG. We should know that it is not as obvious issue as it seems to be. Most common direct injection engines are able to be converted, but there are some limitations. LPG conversion is a proper solution for injection, petrol cars with carburettor, catalytic, turbo, and Euro-6 approved engines. Vehicles such as large sedans, vans, four-wheel drivers, utes or station wagons can all be converted and their users are able to start to enjoy the envirinmental and financial advantages of LPG Power.

If you need to get to know if your car is suitable for conversion you should contact to approved installer who will advise you. If he has decided that your car is able to LTD conversion , remember that not all systems are appropriate for every vehicle. There are a lof of systems available on the market. The installer will choose a suitable process of converting that fits the best to your vehicle.

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