Is LPG tank dangerous for car?

One of the first associations coming to our mind when we think about gas itself is „dangerous” and „explosive”. That is why probably most of You have wondered If Your car is more dangerous because of having a LPG tank.

To begin with, we want to ensure all of You that modern LPG systems are very safe in use. Even if we happen to have an accident, we shouln’d be worry that we will have to deal with additional danger caused by explosive gas. Proffesional crash and fire test proved, that the LPG gas tanks, fitted to special safety guidelines, are even safer than conventional petrol tanks – they are able to withstand a much stronger impact because of being adjusted to keep the gas under a huge pressure by making it from a much thicker gauge material. What is more, before being approved to use, each tank is stricly tested: it has to withstand an internal pressure of 48 bar while the normal pressure in everyday use is around 7,5 bar. Traditional Petrol systems are tested way more lightly and that is why they are more prone to vapour escapes and leaks.

Furthermore, all LPG systems have special protection system that prevents the leaks in case of an accident. All tanks have special safety valve, designed to gradually release its contents. The valve is pushed out if the pressure inside the tank reaches dangerous levels.
To sum up, when it comes to safety of tanks, the risk linked with using an LPG system is way lower than the risk we actually take while using conventional Petrol and Diesel systems.

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