Can LPG cars be parked in underground parking areas?

High prices of petrol has led to growing popularity of cars that has been converted to LPG. The situation has brought many concerns about the safety of these cars. In the article you will find an answer on question: May LPG vehicles be parked in garages and especially in underground car parks?

Properly designed underground parking garages are suitable place for natural gas cars. Gas is much lighter than air. In case of leak, gas scatters upwards and may be easily removed by the special ventilation system that should be installed in the garage. On the other hand, propane is much heavier than air. In the event of leak it pools in low spots.

Modern LPG vehicles purchased after 2001, may be parked underground, in garages and car parks. It results from the fact that LPG tanks are equipped with the special safety mechanism responsible for minimizing the risk of leakage or explosion.

UN/ECE Regulation 67- 01 allows for parking LPG cars with a safety system on the first underground floor of multi-storey car parks.

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