Can an LPG system be removed?

Did you consider if LPG system can be removed from you car? The answer is yes, your LPG system can be remove from your vehicle if you wish, but there are some important issues to consider before. Removal of LPG system is a much simpler exercise than the installation but it must be carried out by a perfectly competent technician so that all systems are accordingly isolated and the car returned to its original condition. The process of removing LPG system from your vehicle involve removing of the LPG injectors, removing of fuel tank, filling point, vaporiser fuel switch and gauge, isolating or removing of the LPG wiring loom, connections and ECU, making good to the control panel and inlet manifold. If you wish to do this, there are some significant thinks you should ponder before the system will be took off. If you would like to know more about the process and cost of removing LPG system from your car, please get in contact with us for more information. We try to answer to all your questions.

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