Electronics design has changed considerably over time.

BLUE BOX controller has been created in the spirit of the modern approach to technical design. It’s a Premium category product, closed in minimalist enclosure.

BLUE BOX is a modern controller for sequential gaspower supply systems in the volatilephase is dedicated for 4 cylinders engines.



– BLUE BOX controller

– wiring

– MAP sensor  integrated with gas temperature sensor

– switch


BLUE BOX electronics is a universal component of the autogas system. After considering the parameters of the engine, its other components are selected.



– gas pressure sensor and MAP sensor integrated with gas-flow temperature sensor

– user friendly software for calibration and system configuration based on Compact and Zenit Pro systems, which are well known for installers

– extensive diagnostic and many additional functions to facilitate the installation

– new ergonomic switch

Hercules Blue Injectors


New Offer - Hercules Blue Injectors

Herculesy Blue – What you get:

  • Fuel rail assembly 100% leak tested
  • Excellent performance even with dirty LPG
  • Simple maintanance and excellent silent running
  • Fast response with low resistance [2.0Ω]
  • Fixed Stroke [No need to calibrate stroke manually]
  • Plunger rubber injection molding with special coating on the surface



Comparison injectors similar class:

Hercules Blue Hana 2002 OMVL Reg Fast AC W01
Opening time P=1 bar [ms] 2,5 2,4 2,4 2,5
Dosing accuracy [%] 4 4 3 5
Max power [KM] 47 40 40 35
Coil resistance [Om] 2 1,9 3 2

Technical Specification: 

  1. Model Hercules Blue
  2. Homologations ECE 67R-01.1030 / ECE 110R-01.1087
  3. Fuel type LPG, CNG
  4. Nozzle Size Ø1.5 ~ Ø3.0
  5. Working Pressure / Max Pressure 0.5 ~ 2.5bar / 4.5bar
  6. Rail port Available in 4 cylinder models
  7. Supply Voltage DC 12V ± 10%
  8. Inlet option Ø12
  9. Outlet Gas Fitting Calibrated nozzles M8 × 1.0
  10. Operating temperature range -20 C  ~ +120 C
  11. Coil resistance [Om] 2.0 Om ± 5%
  12. Response time Opening time [2.5ms], 1Bar, 12V

Injectors efficiency:

Nozzle 1,9 mm / to 20 KM per cylinder Nozzle 2,1 mm / from 17 to 27 KM per cylinder
Nozzle 2,4 mm / from 24 to 36 KM per cylinder Nozzle 3 mm / from 33 to 47 KM per cylinder


3 Year Warranty
As to high demand for our services and high level of work from our technicians,we have to ask our clients to place a small deposit of 50 pounds at the time of booking you lpg installations. This will work as a guarantee for both of our sites. Deposit will be collected over the phone and deducted from agreed conversion price.
Thank you for your cooperation.