The most important factors, taken into consideration when it comes to LPG conversions , is the quality of the service and the price – we have to make sure that the conversion is safe and affordable.

Autogaspol LTD, UK leading LPG conversion service was established in 2009 in West Bromwich, about 2 miles from Birmingham.

We offer a wide range of services in affordable prices. Our experience allows us to work with various brands and models: we work not only with popular models like Honda, Toyota or Chevrolet, but also with more high-end cars, such as Lexus, Porshe or Jaguar. In most of UK LPG conversion services, prices start from ₤1000. In Autogaspol LTD, we offer You prices starting from ₤589.

Wha else makes us a UK leading LPG conversions service?

We offer a proffesional service of trained and experienced technicians. We work with passion and commitment – we are not afraid of challenges and we like to stay current with the latest automotive developments.

Furthermore, during the LPG conversion process, we use only a high-quality equipment, provided by trusted suppliers. Our clients can choose betweeen different systems (we offer Zenit, KME and Stag), depending on their car technical requirements and financial capability. With our help our customers can be sure that the final solution is both affordable and perfectly suited for their needs.

In Autogaspol LTD we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is our gratest good. If You have any questions about our offer – visit us or use the contact form.