A.E.B KING OBD         king

KING makes automatically the best combustion results, veryfies continually conditions of enginie’s behaviour. It takes control on many results (such as petrol injection time, gas pressure and temperature, reducer temperature) and determines proper number of gas injective which can reduce fumes emission and extend catalytic converter living.


Main advantages of KING

  • Easy and quick system set-up
  • To use as a LPG/CNG instalation
  • Precise calculations of gas doses properly to LPG and CNG specyfication
  • Reliability of system work
  • Operate sequential, half-sequential and fullgrup systems
  • Many way of juxtaposition injective strips and reducers

More about A.E.B KING

KING is an advanced injection, designed for use with the latest petrol driven car. It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by LPG or CNG. The system is fully homologatedin compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system ( R 67-01 and R 110) and keeps emission well within the limits established by strictest standards ( Euro 4).

KING- ensures execllent vehicle performances when running with gas, without affecting in any way car performanceswith petrol.


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