Zenit PRO £899

ZENIT PRO ECU is available in two versions: standard and extended with the OBD function. ZENIT PRO is made of the highest quality components, and the hermetic cover meets the highest standards of tightness. The ECU is dedicated to the 4, 6 and 8-cylinders vehicles.


KING A.E.B. Italian production £650

A.E.B KING OBD KING makes automatically the best combustion results, veryfies continually conditions of enginie’s behaviour. It takes control on […]


BRC Systems £999.99

brc 4.2
Italian company MTM, which owns the BRC brand, manufactures each component of the system:from the multivalve, through the reducer on injectors, to electronic devices.


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Autogaspol provides a wide range of services, including cheap LPG conversion and general car service (tyre inspection, hydraulic brake system inspection, engine oil inspection etc.).

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Our company was founded in 2009 in West Bromwich, nearby Birmingham, UK. It has established itself in the local area as a reliable and well known business, with high-quality equipment and fully trained technicians. Autogaspol offers a wide range of diagnostics, maintenance, repair services and the cheapest LPG conversion on the UK market (including diesel LPG conversion). We provide our services for all types of vehicles – passenger cars, sports cars, SUVs and lorries.
The number of customers, who have trusted us with their cars, is constantly growing. We know it is not an easy decision to make. People usually spend a lot of time searching for a perfect workshop or choosing an appropriate LPG conversion kit. If you are reading this words right now, it means you have found the right place. You may ask what differs us from other companies. The answer is passion. Motor industry had a huge impact on our lives. It is the reason why we have decided to become professionals in this area and establish our own workshop. We specialise particularly in the car LPG conversions.

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